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About Flipcause

Our mission is to empower small nonprofits to better engage their communities and fund their causes, regardless of budget or technical ability.Flipcause was founded in 2012 with a shared vision, stemming from a shared background in social impact, nonprofits, and tech when we saw first-hand how small community organizations were struggling to impact their communities due to limitations in funding and technology. Born from the idea that we need technology that is accessible to organizations of all sizes, today, based out of Oakland, CA, we serve thousands of nonprofits, in all 50 states in the US. Our nonprofit partners are as diverse as we are.

Our Values

Flipcause is for all.

We believe in passion, accountability, integrity, and respect. We strive to live by our values in all that we do.

Our People

Our Equal Opportunity Employer Policy reflects our commitment to ensure equality, treat everyone with respect and promote diversity in the workplace.